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Business Tips For Cleaning Your Deck

Tips For Cleaning Your Deck


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Cleaning your deck is something that you may not think about, but it’s a very important job. Having your deck cleaned properly will not only help it look nicer but will also make it safer for your family to use. Depending on how frequently you clean your deck, you should be able to keep it looking nice for several years. Luckily, you can follow a few easy tips to ensure your deck stays as clean as possible.


There are many types of cleaning solutions available for your deck, including those containing bleach. While bleach can be effective at removing dirt and mildew, it can also be harmful to plants and other items in the vicinity. A better bet is to hose the deck off with a garden hose. Then you can use a brush and scrub to remove the residue.

Consider your needs and budget to determine which Deck Cleaning Charleston SC solution is best for you. For instance, you might choose a product designed to clean wooden railings, such as a glass cleaner. Alternatively, you can use a pressure washer. Power washers can damage your deck, so be careful when deciding between the two options.

Ammonia-Free Dish Soap

If you want to clean your deck without harmful chemicals, consider using ammonia-free dish soap. This dish detergent is safe to use on wood decks, but it is less effective than other cleaners.

Using bleach or ammonia-based cleaning solutions on composite decks is not advised. These chemicals can dull the sheen of the deck and damage painted outdoor wood. Using these harsh cleaning products can also cause cracking.

However, it is possible to make a homemade deck cleaner safe for composite decks. You will need some basic ingredients, such as vinegar, liquid ammonia-free dish soap, and a paint stick. Once you have these ingredients, you can mix them.

Power Washers

Power washers are a great tool for cleaning a deck. They can remove dirt, grime, cobwebs, and even paint. The HGTV guide to deck cleaning recommends using the lowest pressure possible. However, the wrong pressure setting can leave permanent marks.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best power washer for your job. You should feel the nozzle, the pressure, and the cleaning solution.

Generally, you want a power washer with a wide nozzle for the most effective results. This is especially true for wooden decks.

A high-pressure spray will damage your wood. So, start at the low end of your psi and move up in stages. Also, be sure to test the pressure out before you use it.

Rubber-Backed Mats

Rubber-backed deck cleaning mats are designed to resist heat, water, and ozone and are made to last for years. They are great for several reasons, most notably because they do not damage your wood deck. These mats are also known as rubber matting, a name that hints at the fact that they are more durable than the average carpet.

There are several different options available, including those that are machine washable and those that need to be vacuumed and hosed off. While they do a great job of removing dirt and grime, they can be expensive to boot. Luckily, a few trade tricks can extend the life of your rubber matting without doing any Deck Repair Charleston SC.


If you are ready to stain your wood deck, clean it first. This can be done with a variety of different methods. The type of stains that you have can also affect the types of solutions that you will need.

You can use an oxygen bleach solution to remove stains. Oxygen bleach is less harmful to the environment than chlorine bleach. It is an all-purpose cleaner that can be used to remove dirt, moss, and green algae stains from your deck.

Oxygen bleach is made from sodium percarbonate. Mixing it with dish soap will make a good cleaning solution for your deck.

Another option is to make a deck cleaner using laundry detergent. Using detergent will make it easier to clean your deck.

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